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Eco-Friendly Lawn Care



If you are already eco-friendly with your lawn care regime we hope you will pick up some additional key points here.  If you have yet to try the organic, eco-friendly lawn care approach, there is no better time of year to start a new regimen than the springtime.  It is right when your grass is waking from a deep sleep and ready to get growing again.


A healthy lawn is smooth, lush, perfect for a picnic and soft for showing off cartwheels.  Our DIY lawn care options will help you tame down those weeds and thicken up your lawn to be a beauty in no time.

Check out our organic eco-friendly lawn care tips to achieve a thick green lawn beginning with your spring cleaning for your lawn.

DIY eco-friendly lawn care basics love your lawn again

It’s Spring Time


Don’t forget about your lawn when it comes time for spring cleaning.  A great start to the season on your lawn is by grabbing a lawn rake and begin to rake out the dead weeds and crabgrass.  Toss all the dead grass in your yard waste along with any accumulation of debris from the winter such as leaves and sticks.


First Spring Season Mowing


Now when it comes time for the first mowing, because you do not want to shock your lawn, set your mower to the highest setting, taking just the tips off.  This method wakes up your grass and in turn will cause the roots to dig deep into the soil for a strong base to last the grass growing season.


Wake Up


With your lawn waking up from winter hibernation you will want to provide it with some nourishment.  Our favorite is an all natural organic fertilizer made by Milorganite.  You can find it on our Amazon affiliate link here or at most home improvement stores. Along with the fertilizer, we also like to add a good grass seed in with the food and apply together using something similar to the Planet Natural spreader.  This will help to thicken your sleepy grass and also save a lot of time using this method. 


Check out our additional organic lawn care recommendations below.

Savings: If you decide to try some our favorite organic/eco-friendly lawn care products from Amazon, be sure to sign up for their Prime service to get free shipping.

Eco-Friendly Lawn

Maintaining the health of your lawn is key to a green lush lawn which means it does not require to be smothered with chemicals.  Properly watering, mowing and feeding will ensure your lawn is in tip-top shape. Explore these easy lawn care tips for a healthy lawn all year long.

Deep Roots

Properly mowing your lawn is important as it can decrease adverse effects such as reducing weeds and lessen the need for watering. Keeping your lawn looking clean-cut and healthy is achieved with you maintenance routine.  Here are a the top tips to maintain the quality of your lawn in ship-shape and happy.


  • Remove no more than 1/3 of growth and keep your mower at 2 to 4 inches
  • Mow in different directions
  • Keep mower blades sharp
  • Frequent mowing

Cordless tools have come a long way, but EGO Power knocks this one out of the park.  A “Going-Green” lawn mower with a 56v Lithium-Ion battery kit offering options of 4.0Ah, 5.0Ah or 7.5Ah.  Plus a 5 Year Tool Warranty and 3 Year Battery Warranty. Check additional EGO Power reviews via our Amazon affiliate link here from EGO Power.


Don’t rake or bag your grass clipping.  Mulch and return your grass clipping to the lawn and you will gain about 1lb or nitrogen per 1k square feet helping to achieve that beautiful lush green color.  This process helps with fertilizing and replenishing lost nutrients.

“Water is the driving force of all nature.”


Your lawn requires approximately 1 inch of water per week.  It is best to water in the early morning as this contributes to minimizing loss of water from evaporation once the sun appears.  Try a low profile sprinkler system to help eliminate water waste.


Use a nutrient-rich fertilizer and set a reminder to feed three times per year.  1x each in early spring, mid-summer, and fall which will help replenish lost nutrients since most soils do not naturally provide the essential nutrients for a lush green lawn.

Make Those Weeds Go Away

Crabgrass is the evil grass for every yard gardener.  Your best to banishing crabgrass is to choke it out with a healthy thick grass.  Keeping up on mowing will also help by keeping the tops of the weeds/crabgrass down before the seeds can scatter.  As the last plan of attack, you can try non-chemical eliminator sources such as pouring boiling water on the crabgrass directly and/or digging it up.

Moss Out

Moss can be tough to tackle.  A more natural approach to avoiding chemicals is to replace your lawn mower blade with a dethatching blade.  Be certain to adjust the height, so it is touching the surface of the soil to strip away the moss effectively.  Another useful approach is with a stainless steel lawn rake.  Simply rake the moss out and aerate which helps improve the look and health of your lawn.

Pro Tip #86

Many lawn care products found in home improvement stores are developed for eliminating weeds and bugs.  According to (fact sheet), there are 30 commonly used lawn pesticides leading to six different health effects including potential leaching, groundwater contamination, toxic to birds, fish, bees and mammals.  To protect the environment and living creatures use environmentally friendly lawn care products.

Work With Nature

In closing, properly taking care of your lawn will not only result in a healthy appearance, but you can also help the environment.  Create a lawn that provides a healthy feeding ground for birds.  Birds feed on the worms and insects in our lawns.  So work with nature and not against it by using lawn care products which derive from an organic source.  Keeping in mind, just because a lawn care product is registered with the FDA does not mean it is safe, just as Beyond Pesticides Fact Sheet explains.

We hope you have found these very basic lawn care tips useful in achieving your lush green lawn.

We welcome any lawn care suggestions you may have, so please share them with us all in the comment section below.  We look forward to hearing from you.

All the best.


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